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Jake Rogers Operations Associate

Jake joined Santé in 2016. Jake serves a variety of operational and analytical roles across both Santé Capital and Santé Ventures, while providing direct support to the CFO & COO. For Santé Capital, Jake runs daily operations, which includes monitoring of the Santé Capital portfolio and daily reconciliations of positions, cash, profit and losses, and overall performance. In addition, Jake tracks fund performance and performs retrospective analytics to better understand the portfolio and financial market trends. For Santé Ventures, Jake assists in operationally managing the flow of information related to the fund, portfolio companies, or key service providers. Furthermore, Jake focuses on improving the efficiency of tracking relevant fund information and analytics. Overall, Jake focuses on operations, analytics, and provides direct support in other functionalities such as marketing and investor relations. Prior to joining Santé, Jake attended Johns Hopkins University, where he received a B.A. in Political Science (2015) and a M.A. in Global Security Studies (2016).

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