Life Sciences

  • header-baro


    Goleta, CA

    BAROnova specializes in innovative therapies to treat obesity.

  • betacat

    BetaCat Pharmaceuticals

    Houston, TX

    BetaCat Pharmaceuticals specializes in developing beta-catenin modulators for the treatment of cancer.

  • BioStable-Logo

    BioStable Science & Engineering

    Austin, TX

    BioStable Science & Engineering, located in Austin, TX, specializes in innovative
    technologies to treat heart valve disease.

  • Claret Medical

    Claret Medical

    Santa Rosa, CA

    Claret Medical is focused on innovative solutions for cerebral protection during structural heart interventions, vascular interventions, and cardiac surgery procedures. The company is currently focusing product development and clinical research on addressing the problem of stroke during TAVR, a significant unmet clinical need.  For more information:

  • landingLogo


    St. Louis, MO

    Developing novel programmable implanted electro-medical devices to treat various gastrointestinal neuromuscular disorders.

  • iowa

    Iowa Approach

    Iowa City, IA

    Commercializing an innovative collection of catheter-based tools used to treat atrial fibrillation.

  • BlueLumos

    Lumos Pharma

    Austin, TX

    Lumos Pharma is developing a novel therapeutic for the rare disease Creatine Transporter Deficiency, an inborn error of metabolism.

  • Lyric-Logo-Small

    Lyric Pharmaceuticals

    San Francisco, CA

    Lyric is developing novel therapeutics to improve the care of critically ill and hospitalized patients.

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    Santa Rosa, CA

    Millipede is developing a percutaneous solution for mitral valve repair.

  • Mirna logo

    Mirna Therapeutics

    Austin, TX

    Mirna Therapeutics (Mirna), a private, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical and immuno-oncology company focused on the development of microRNAbased cancer therapeutics.

  • mtem-logo

    Molecular Templates, Inc.

    Austin, TX

    Molecular Templates Inc. (MTI) is a biopharmaceutical company with a novel protein platform for the development of new therapeutics against cancer. The company has a lead compound for melanoma that is expected to enter into clinical trials in the next two years and is developing additional compounds against a variety of other cancers.

  • terapio logo


    Austin, TX

    Terapio is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of a pipeline of therapies based on the transport protein, RLIP76.

  • TVA Logo

    TVA Medical

    Austin, TX

    TVA Medical, Inc. is developing minimally invasive therapies for end-stage renal disease, including a catheter-based AV fistula system.

Healthcare Services and IT

  • HCH logo

    Healthcare Highways

    The Colony, TX

    Healthcare Highways (HCH) is an innovative PPO network and health plan partnering with best-in-class hospitals, providers, and payers to deliver customized solutions.

  • 5E38086D-C1E6-46D1-AC22-90221B00AB59[3] (1)

    HNI Healthcare

    Austin, TX

    HNI Healthcare is a full service physician group practice, management and consulting company, providing hospitalist services. The Austin-based company supplies and coordinates inpatient care for its contracted client hospitals in partnership with local primary care physicians and specialists.

Prior Investments

In their prior roles with Austin Ventures, Ascension Health Ventures and with their own capital, the Santé team made the following selected healthcare venture investments.

  • AbVitro3


    Boston, MA

    AbVitro, located in Boston, MA, is a technology company spun out of the lab of Dr. George Church at Harvard University.

  • logo_accuro


    Dallas, TX

    Helping healthcare providers improve their financial position with technology-based revenue enhancement solutions that address the unique reimbursement challenges of today’s marketplace. That’s the big idea behind Accuro Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

  • logo_emageon


    Birmingham, AL

    Emageon (NASDAQ: EMAG) privdes helathcare IT solutions for the clinical analysis and management of digital medical images. The company’s software enables physicians to better understand internal anatomic structure and pathology, which improves clinical diagnoses, disease screening and therapy planning.

  • customLogo

    Explorys Medical

    Cleveland, OH

    Explorys addresses the national strategic imperative to leverage electronic medical records (EHR) for the improvement of medicine. We accelerate discovery and enable collaboration between stakeholders in healthcare by providing a platform that serves providers and life sciences – all within a HIPAA compliant, privacy protected environment.

  • logo_healthspring


    Nashville, TN

    HealthSpring (NYSE: HS) is a Medicare managed care organization. The company server 100,000+ Medicare members in Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Illinois and Mississippi. It offers Medicare Advantage health plans, including Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit plans and stand-alone prescription drug plans, in each of its markets.

  • logo_ldr

    LDR Spine

    Austin, TX

    LDR Spine supplies innovative spinal solutions by working closely with surgeons to develop implantable systems and instrumentation that make spine surgery reproducible, easier to perform, and restores optimum stability and mobility to patients.

  • logo_riseHealth-noTag

    Rise Health

    Chicago, IL

    Rise Health is a healthcare services company dedicated to transforming primary care. Rise Health helps primary care physicians provide better access and outcomes for their patients, while improving the practice environment and financial viability for primary care practices. Rise partners with delivery organizations to expand practice capacity and capabilities, improve care delivery and manage medical costs.

  • logo_stereotaxis


    St. Louis, MO

    Stereotaxis (NASDAQ: STXS) designs, manufactures, and markets an advanced cardiology instrument control system for the interventional treatment of coronary artery disease and arrhythmias. The system allows physicians to more effectively navigate catheters and stent delivery devices using computer-controlled, externally applied magnetic fields that precisely govern the motion of the working tip of the device.

  • logo_tomo


    Madison, WI

    TomoTherapy (NASDAQ: TTPY) has developed a revolutionary medical system that combines on-board CT imaging with conformal radiation therapy to provide sub-millimeter precision in the treatment of cancer patients. TomoTherapy Clinical Centers around the world have performed an unprecedented 225,000 CT image-guided radiation treatments for cancer patients.

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