If you believe that your opportunity may be a good fit with our investment focus and criteria, then we are interested in learning about it. Arrange an introduction through a mutual contact or send us an non-confidential executive summary describing the opportunity through our website.

We evaluate every qualified opportunity that we receive, and will respond promptly with an indication of interest – typically within 2-3 weeks. If we determine that there is mutual interest, we will work with you to coordinate an introductory call followed by a meeting with one or more of our partners, if appropriate. If we jointly decide sufficient interest exists to enter formal diligence, our process typically requires 45-90 days of focused effort from beginning to end.

By necessity, we make few investments relative to the number of opportunities we review. We appreciate the value of your time and that a quick “No thanks” is often preferable to an interminable “Maybe, maybe not.” If we meet with you more than once or twice, we strive to be additive to your fundraising efforts even if we choose not to invest by providing candid feedback, referrals to other potential investors and/or tracking your company’s development as a potential source of future capital.

We appreciate that certain technical and customer information is sensitive, and are careful not to disclose information inappropriately. However, for both legal and practical reasons, we cannot sign non-disclosure agreements before you present your basic business overview.

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